Vera Kong

Manhattan Hunter Science High School (Class of 2018)
Northeastern University (Class of 2023)

Without a doubt, I am proud to say that I have attended Accelerate Academy throughout high school. I have had experience with numerous prep centers, all of which pale in comparison to Accelerate. I would always loathe sitting in crowded classes led by disinterested teachers, and would merely count the seconds until the end of class. Hence, I was not taught anything valuable except to be accustomed to spending a few hours in a classroom on the weekends.

However, Accelerate teems with genuine teachers who will make it their mission to ensure that you leave class with newfound knowledge, making you actually enjoy your time at prep. I am fortunate to have met Andrew as my SAT instructor, for he has shown that Accelerate is not only an exceptional learning center, but also a second home—which is almost an understatement because the moment you step into Accelerate is when you realize the warm, authentic vibe cannot be replicated at any other place. I have never seen someone as devoted as Andrew who would focus all his efforts into teaching and mentoring (and critiquing my mediocre writing skills).

During the summer after my junior year, I had the option to spend my two months relaxing, but I decided to voluntarily return to Accelerate—not as a student, but as a Teaching Assistant. Usually, high schoolers volunteer to complete their required hours, but I enjoyed my years at Accelerate so much that I chose to volunteer there willingly. I was able to gradually learn what to expect from a work environment (seriously, Andrew holds his TAs to high standards), provide extra help for the younger students, and meet amazing friends who made that summer memorable. In the end, I found myself going back to Accelerate one way or another, and every time I left, I carried with me a piece of indispensable knowledge that I cannot help but apply in every aspect of my life.

As most can attest, Accelerate Academy is unique and outstanding in a way that students not only achieve their academic goals but also acquire vital skills and knowledge that can be used outside of the classroom. I can confidently say that Accelerate is one of the major reasons I am who I am today. The only regret I have is not attending Accelerate sooner when I had the chance.