Samhith Kotagiri

Aviation High School (Class of 2016)
Stony Brook University (Class of 2020)

Accelerate Academy delivers. Classes are of adequate size, the instructor (Andrew) is beyond qualified, and the overall experience is designed both to encourage one to learn and to improve his or her scores. Having taken my first practice test years ago and achieving a meager (to say the least) 1100 on the old SAT, I have since improved to scoring over a 2200 (over a 1000-point improvement!!)—a feat I could not have achieved without the help of Accelerate. The course not only has instructive lessons that cover the content of the SAT in its entirety, but also provides intensive practice sessions that work to test the skills acquired in order to improve your score.

Having attended two prior institutions, I can say that Accelerate is unequivocally superior to others. While other institutions merely copy from practice books and feed them to their students, Accelerate emphasizes teaching the material needed in addition to the practice. Whereas other institutions use books not of their own, Andrew, after carefully studying the test, creates his own material that accurately represents the SAT. This makes students aware of their current level of understanding and helps to overcome their weaknesses. However, the most distinctive aspect of Accelerate is its staff—Andrew and Nina. The two genuinely care for their students and create a conducive learning environment that is foolproof. Accelerate has made a real difference in my academic life, and I can say without a doubt that it offers the best any prep school or academy has to provide.