Oliver Zhang

Great Neck South High School (Class of 2020)
University of Pennsylvania (Class of 2024)

The SAT is a critical exam that most students choose to take on their path to college, and in an academically competitive region like New York, most students and parents will seek any means to improve their SAT scores, whether through tutors or test preparation. However, it’s rather appalling to learn the cruel truth behind many SAT prep places: they indiscriminately hire random English and math teachers who are entirely ignorant about the actual exam! These so-called test prep experts simply force students to drill through work—packets printed from popular but useless books from big test prep companies or material that you can find for free online. All of this is time-wasting, money-wasting, and meaningless when it comes to SAT studies.

At Accelerate Academy, however, everything fell into place for me once I began taking Andrew’s SAT course. At first sight, Andrew may seem a bit young as an instructor, but don’t let his baby face fool you: he is extremely knowledgeable about the contents of SAT, and breaks up the exam in a systematic way that enlightens students, making the test much less daunting. While his specialty is math, I actually found his reading and writing lectures even more helpful, as his vocabulary PowerPoints and grammar rule lectures proved that our English abilities can actually be improved. His dedication to his work and his students allows him to be exceptionally aware of each and every one of our weaknesses. Other than Andrew’s nature as a diligent instructor, the quality of his lectures cannot be surpassed by that of any other prep school. There are always jokes and relevant discussions that keep the lectures entertaining, even under the stressful atmosphere preparing for the SAT. This helps us stay on track during class, as we rarely find ourselves bored or exhausted.

I’ve been to multiple prep schools, but the overall improvements I had were trivial at best. At Accelerate, however, in just one summer, my score skyrocketed from 1300 to 1550! Many say that putting in the effort is half the battle, but without the proper guidance, the effort may not lead to the results you want. With Andrew, I was able to check off one more academic accomplishment on my path to college. His extroverted personality, meticulous course construction, and unconventional teaching style make the SAT course here quite the unforgettable and invaluable experience. I highly recommend Andrew and Accelerate Academy to all those who are looking for the essential guidance to achieve that next milestone in their academic lives.