Ivanka Juran

Townsend Harris High School (Class of 2016)
Binghamton University (Class of 2020)

I was first introduced to Accelerate Academy in my sophomore year by a friend who had previously attended classes there. I was planning to apply to many top-tier schools in my senior year, so I decided to try out Accelerate Academy’s SAT summer course.

I was immediately stunned by how incredibly fun the classes were. The teacher, Andrew Liu, brought lessons to life with videos and games to keep the class entertained and engaged. I was shocked and enthused that my scores on practice tests had skyrocketed over 500 points by the end of that summer. I continued attending classes at Accelerate throughout the fall of my junior year, and ended up scoring 700 points above my starting score on the SAT: a score that fell in the target range for the Ivy League and other top tier schools that I applied to.

I can honestly say that I never would have achieved such a score without Accelerate Academy. Both Nina and Andrew are incredibly nice and genuinely care about each and every one of their students. Because Accelerate is a family-run business, there’s a personal touch and a sense of rapport that are missing at many other test prep centers. Because my class was relatively small, Andrew was able to go around the room and work with each student individually, unquestionably making an incredible difference in our studies.

Another reason that Andrew is so effective with his teaching is that he doesn’t allow his students to give up or be satisfied, because he understands their capabilities better than they do themselves. Once I reached my “target score,” Andrew refused to allow me to be satisfied with settling. Even though I didn’t believe that I could improve anymore, Andrew did. And sure enough, I improved another 200 points. This kind of a supportive and positive learning environment is essential and once again, lacking at all other test prep centers I have ever attended.

I cannot emphasize how much I enjoyed my time at Accelerate and how thankful I am to Andrew and Nina. Without them, I am certain that I never would have realized my potential. I have already recommended Accelerate to all of my friends and classmates, and those who have attended agree that Accelerate Academy is by far the best test prep center they have ever attended.