Irene Soekiswo

Townsend Harris High School (Class of 2017)
New York University Stern School of Business (Class of 2021)

Accelerate Academy lives up to its name. With caring teachers and their unique teaching styles, students learn in an enjoyable environment and are pushed to achieve more than they thought they could. Accelerate’s comfortable environment aids in the development of their students as they learn in a welcoming setting that nurtures intellectual growth through a constant push from teachers and other peers. Students who attend this institution are given the materials needed to truly exceed the expectations of the public education system and their own.

I attended the academy to prepare for my SATs, and ever since I’ve recommended it to numerous friends for its great results. The teacher, Andrew, is truly one of a kind with a teaching style that not only engages his students but also produces results. Within the SAT class, new topics are taught every day alongside the reinforcement of previous lessons, and anything taught can be applied to more than just the exam. Andrew, moreover, finds ways to make the lessons interesting by cracking jokes and including current news topics to hammer in specific ideas and important vocabulary words. By using visuals, he ensures that students memorize concepts and, to an extent, enjoy the class. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes great care and time in providing feedback for each student to aid in his or her growth. Thanks to Accelerate Academy and specifically Andrew, I managed to achieve an SAT score that allowed me to comfortably apply to numerous colleges, and I owe my current success to the academy.

Unlike those of other academies, the teachers at Accelerate actually get to know their students, and by building relationships and pushing their pupils, they are able to achieve progress with each and every student. By addressing their weaknesses and applying what they learn to reinforce their abilities, students see tangible improvements in their scores and, more importantly, achieve their academic potential.

While I dreaded going to prep school growing up, I found myself excited to spend my summer at Accelerate; the time spent in the classroom went by much quicker than I had expected. Aside from prepping for the SATs, talking to Andrew during the summer truly readied me for the college process and made me deliberate about my academic future in advance. To this day, I wish I had attended Accelerate Academy from a younger age for its exceptional programs and its outstanding teachers who genuinely cared about my growth as a student.