Hassaan Khan

Valedictorian, Aviation High School (Class of 2016)
Princeton University (Class of 2020)

Accelerate Academy’s strongest quality is its legitimacy. The problem sets, homework assignments, and diagnostic exams are all geared to provide sufficient and relevant practice for desperate students striving to improve their scores. Improvement in scores is a future awaiting those students who dedicate themselves to the class and follow the teacher’s instructions. Speaking of the teacher, Andrew is—for a lack of a better phrase—extremely “chill.” The class setting is extremely relaxed, and there are even times when I would be dying of laughter (because of something in the lesson or something that one of the students did). The setting truly makes you want to learn and do everything in your power to improve your score. Andrew really cares about his students and I believe the attention he pays to every student is the major reason for the score improvements of all his students. To put it simply, Accelerate is unique (trust me on this one). From the jokes cracked in class to the jumps in scores, Accelerate is the best possible test prep location for all students, no matter what background you have or capabilities you possess.