Emily and Maggie Chen

Emily Chen
Cardozo High School (Class of 2017)
Northeastern University (Class of 2021)

Maggie Chen
Queens High School for the Sciences (Class of 2017)
University of Michigan (Class of 2021)

Attending Accelerate Academy was one of the best decisions we have made. Indeed, we spent our entire summer studying while all our friends were traveling to different countries, but we can say that it was a summer well spent. Not only is the environment inviting and conducive to learning, but Nina and Andrew treat all of the students at Accelerate as if they were family. We have attended a fair share of prep schools throughout the years, and they all essentially did the same thing: print tests off of practice books and websites, have students complete the drills, and go over the practice questions with, at best, superficially-involved teachers or, at worst, other students when there was an absence of teachers.

However, the SAT program at Accelerate Academy is nothing like the other prep places out there. Andrew may at first appear a bit young as an SAT instructor, but students come to realize that he is beyond qualified. He enthusiastically engages each and every one of his students, making sure that we truly understand and apply what we learn. Apart from incorporating videos and activities into his lessons to make class surprisingly entertaining, Andrew consistently demonstrates his commitment to our success and personal growth by pushing us to achieve more than we believe we are capable of. It’s hard to imagine fondly reminiscing about SAT prep, but Accelerate makes you do so.