Brian Liu

Salutatorian, Francis Lewis High School (Class of 2018)
Yale University (Class of 2022)

Accelerate Academy was not the first prep school I attended, but I am positive that it will forever stay the best one. When you sign up for Accelerate, you don’t sign up only for effective strategies to take standardized tests, but also for practical advice on college, techniques to writing well, and life lessons that will last a long time.

Both a mentor and an educator, Andrew truly commits his time and energy to his students. He is not the typical boring teacher, as he always ensures that the classes are both entertaining and motivating. Andrew is the only teacher I know who completes every single question before giving to his students, simply because he wants to ensure that he can explain it in the best way (the essays are no exception). As his student, I have learned far more than I ever anticipated. Andrew has shown me that it is possible for prep classes to be so enjoyable, inspiring, and rewarding. From scoring a near-perfect SAT score and getting a full scholarship to college, I am so grateful to have attended Accelerate.