Accelerate is proud to have worked with thousands of students over the last decade, and strives to continue helping students achieve their academic goals. With students from all five boroughs, Long Island, twenty-four of the fifty states, and even China, we pride ourselves on the quality of our test preparation and the extent of our impact on our students far and wide. Here are just some of our students' experiences at Accelerate.

Emily and Maggie Chen

"... the SAT program at Accelerate Academy is nothing like the other prep places out there. Andrew may at first appear a bit young as an SAT instructor, but students come to realize that he is beyond qualified. He enthusiastically engages each and every one of his students, making sure that we truly understand and apply what we learn. Apart from incorporating videos and activities into his lessons to make class surprisingly entertaining, Andrew consistently demonstrates his commitment to our success and personal growth by pushing us to achieve more than we believe we are capable of." (Read More)

Hong Sen Du

"...I wholeheartedly recommend Accelerate Academy to anyone who wants to develop academically and, just as important in my opinion, personally. I have stayed with Accelerate for basically a third of my life, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way." (Read More)

Valerie Fong

"... I spent the summers of both my sophomore and junior years attending Accelerate’s SAT course. Although nervous at first, I was confident that Andrew’s unique approach to SAT preparation would catapult my score. His is not a process of simply memorizing formulas and learning how to hack a test; it is one of learning, understanding, and growing. I especially appreciate how closely Nina and Andrew work with their students to ensure that they are working at the best of their ability and getting the individualized help that they need." (Read More)

Phil Huang

"Looking back, I can honestly view the time, money, and energy spent at Accelerate as entirely worthwhile because I know Andrew is always there for me; no fortune can buy such dedication. I stayed for two summers and four months of SAT prep, during which time I improved my score by exactly 200 points..." (Read More)

Ivanka Juran

"... I cannot emphasize how much I enjoyed my time at Accelerate and how thankful I am to Andrew and Nina. Without them, I am certain that I never would have realized my potential. I have already recommended Accelerate to all of my friends and classmates, and those who have attended agree that Accelerate Academy is by far the best test prep center they have ever attended." (Read More)

Hassaan Khan

"... To put it simply, Accelerate is unique (trust me on this one). From the jokes cracked in class to the jumps in scores, Accelerate is the best possible test prep location for all students, no matter what background you have or capabilities you possess." (Read More)

Vera Kong

"... I am fortunate to have met Andrew as my SAT instructor, for he has shown that Accelerate is not only an exceptional learning center, but also a second home—which is almost an understatement because the moment you step into Accelerate is when you realize the warm, authentic vibe cannot be replicated at any other place. I have never seen someone as devoted as Andrew who would focus all his efforts into teaching and mentoring (and critiquing my mediocre writing skills)." (Read More)

Samhith Kotagiri

"... Having taken my first practice test years ago and achieving a meager (to say the least) 1100 on the old SAT, I have since improved to scoring over a 2200 (over a 1000-point improvement!!)—a feat I could not have achieved without the help of Accelerate." (Read More)

Justin Lang

"For those who know me, my math abilities, to put it mildly, leave much to be desired. If someone like me can manage just about a perfect math score on the SAT with the help of Andrew and Accelerate, anyone else can." (Read More)

Brian Liu

"... Andrew has shown me that it is possible for prep classes to be so enjoyable, inspiring, and rewarding. From scoring a near-perfect SAT score and getting a full scholarship to college, I am so grateful to have attended Accelerate." (Read More)

Rita Lu

"... It’s almost cliché to say that Accelerate is like family, but I will because it’s the truth. I cannot think of anyone else who can play the role of teacher, guidance counselor, and friend at the same time. Nina, Andrew, and all the teachers at Accelerate give as much as they possibly can, and as a student you can only feel encouraged to learn in such an environment." (Read More)

Christian Manaog

"... I can proudly say that Accelerate Academy has become my home away from home, and that my second family resides there. I’ve learned life lessons here and made timeless friendships. Though I realize that college and the professional world will be hectic, I know that I am prepared for the future due to the experiences I’ve had at Accelerate Academy." (Read More)

Irene Soekiswo

"... While I dreaded going to prep school growing up, I found myself excited to spend my summer at Accelerate; the time spent in the classroom went by much quicker than I had expected. Aside from prepping for the SATs, talking to Andrew during the summer truly readied me for the college process and made me deliberate about my academic future in advance. To this day, I wish I had attended Accelerate Academy from a younger age for its exceptional programs and its outstanding teachers who genuinely cared about my growth as a student." (Read More)

Christina Sue

"... Andrew made things look possible—and that was the charm of Accelerate. Since you felt like you COULD, you DID. I felt a support like I had never received before, and his dedication showed me the power an educator could have in a student’s life." (Read More)

Yulin Yang

"... From getting into a specialized high school to receiving a full scholarship for college, I owe much of my success to Accelerate." (Read More)

Oliver Zhang

"...With Andrew, I was able to check off one more academic accomplishment on my path to college. His extroverted personality, meticulous course construction, and unconventional teaching style make the SAT course here quite the unforgettable and invaluable experience. I highly recommend Andrew and Accelerate Academy to all those who are looking for the essential guidance to achieve that next milestone in their academic lives." (Read More)

Chengling Zheng

"To this day, I still feel that I am learning from Andrew and his classes, and I’m certainly not the only Accelerate alum who feels this way." (Read More)

Dana Zou

"...A word of advice for future Accelerate students: all those hours and days spent studying and cramming for your exam will be worth it. If you put in the hard work and listen to Andrew’s advice, you will make it, perhaps with more success than you expected." (Read More)