College Application Consulting

Through a carefully regimented and intensive months-long process, Accelerate works with dozens of students each year on the college application process, advising students on their comprehensive college lists and helping them craft and perfect their essays. With college admissions as competitive and cutthroat as ever, our advisors readily prepare students to maximize their chances of acceptance into their top university choices.

Accelerate offers the following college consulting services each year and begins accepting students during June of their junior years. Please contact administration for up-to-date fees.

Accelerate College Acceptances (2010-Current)

Accelerate has been fortunate to have worked with countless high achievers who displayed the diligence, acumen, and ambition necessary for success in the college admissions process. Our track record speaks for itself, as many of our students receive admission to their top college choices, including top-rated institutions (shown below, as ranked by US News in 2023), competitive SUNY and CUNY programs, and specialized BA/MD and BS/MD programs.

1. Princeton32T-15. WashU22
2. MIT2917. Cornell 172
T-3. Harvard 26T-18. Columbia 42
T-3. Stanford 17T-18. Notre Dame33
T-3. Yale 21T-20. Berkeley42
6. UChicago32T-20. UCLA37
T-7. Johns Hopkins31T-22. Carnegie Mellon103
T-7. UPenn41T-22. Emory 27
9. Caltech😢T-22. Georgetown 28
T-10. Duke33T-25. NYU363
T-10. Northwestern24T-25. UMich220
12. Dartmouth 48T-25. USC33
T-13. Brown 73T-25. Virginia47
T-13. Vanderbilt 31T-29. Florida65
T-15. Rice 40T-29. UNC22
Statistics Updated: June 2022 (Top-30 rankings according to US News 2023)