Accelerate’s SAT Program

Accelerate Academy is renowned for its SAT program, helping high school juniors and seniors optimize their standardized test scores over the last ten years. The program is designed and entirely instructed by Northwestern alumnus Andrew Liu, who has dedicated his time and effort to running the academy full-time. An economics and mathematics major, Andrew addresses all the nuances of the exam and incorporates first-hand material that goes far beyond the material found in any test-preparation practice book.

The SAT improvements made under Andrew’s instruction are unparalleled in the test preparation industry. Of a sample size of 827 from 2010 to 2016, Accelerate students improved their scores by an astounding average of 453.2 points on the 2400-point SAT scale; this statistic does not exclude any students, including those who started with already-high SAT scores (2100+). 75% of students here improved their scores by over 305 points; 25% of students increased their scores by at least 560 points.

Accelerate Academy 2400-Point SAT Score Improvement (2010 – 2016):

Sample Size827
Standard Deviation187.8832
Quartile 1305
Quartile 3560
Average Mathematics Increase141.6931
Average Critical Reading Increase127.2487
Average Writing Increase184.2328

As for the 1600-point Paper SAT (before the shift to the Digital SAT), Andrew’s students have performed just as exceptionally, with an average improvement of 303.6 points following the final administration of the paper exam in December 2023. 75% of students here improved their scores by over 240 points; 25% of students increased their scores by at least 360 points.

Accelerate Academy 1600-Point Paper SAT Score Improvement (2016 – 2023):

Sample Size1,042
Standard Deviation97.7093
Quartile 1240
Quartile 3360
Average Mathematics Increase151.1324
Average Reading/Writing Increase152.5144
Statistics updated: December 31, 2023

Accelerate Academy offers a year-round SAT course specifically geared towards preparing high school students for the (now-Digital) SAT. Summer courses typically run Mondays to Fridays from July to August for 7 weeks, while Fall and Spring courses run on Saturdays from September to June. Students are welcome to join the course during the Fall and Spring semesters at any point during the year, provided that seats are available. However, students must be enrolled prior to the start of the Summer semester.

Accelerate also offers an SAT Intensive Course for students who have completed Andrew’s lecture-driven course. Intensive sessions consist of solely taking full diagnostic exams and reviewing the completed exams with Andrew. Students generally enroll in the Intensive Course at least 4 weeks prior to their test date for the SAT. Please contact administration if you have any further questions about Accelerate’s SAT course.